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Frequently Asked Questions


About Share

What is Share Student Living?
Is Share for students only?
Is Share pet friendly?
Is there a age limit to live at Share?
Are the apartments and studios available to buy or to rent?
Are foreigner people accepted at Share?
How does it work to transfer between Share units?
What are the advantages of living at Share?
What are the security measures in the units?

Accommodations and amenities

How does the process to choose the roommate work?
Are residents allowed to have visitors at Share?
Are there double beds or studio for couples?
Are there parking spots at Share?
Can I rent with friends and/or a relative?
Are visits allowed to stay overnight at Share?
What are the apartments at Share like?
How does the cleaning services work?


Which educational institutions are you close to?
Are the Share units near the subway stations and bus stops?
Where can I find Share?
Is it possible to rent bikes to ride in the neighborhood?

Booking Process

What is the administration fee for?
Which documents are necessary to sign the contract?
How does the contract renewal work?
How do I do to rescind the contract?
What is the minimum contract term?


What are the Share accommodations prices?
What is included on the monthly package price?
Which bills are not included in the monthly package?
Is the rent price individual or shared with the roommate?

Moving in

What should I bring when moving in?
Can I custom my room?
How does the moving in process work?


Is it a 24h support?
What is included in the preventive and corrective maintenance?
Which assistance do we have in the units?


Who can I talk to about potential partnerships?

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