Respecting, arranging and organizing: the golden rules to live in a student residence

Getting into the university creates a new and challenging world to students: it involves preparing for a professional position, facing the adult life, meeting new people and, in many cases, leaving home. For these and other reasons, it is alife changing moment. The students mature as they need to take care of their routine, nourishment, clothing, cleaning and organization of their place. These tasks are even more challenging if they share an apartment with someone else.

Firstly, there’s the need to respect the common spaces. It is also crucialto appreciateother people’s opinion. Each and everyone have their own beliefs, as they were raised by different families from various places. Prejudism is not an option!

The first step to share an apartment is toencounter a roommate. It is not easy to find a good fit, so it is better if students know each other or have friends in common before moving in together.

The second step is to come to an agreement about the “rules of the game”. As an example, if the bathroom is shared, it is important to pre-establishits schedule. Other arrangements related to parties, visitors, valentines, and noises are necessary to create a good environment.

Lastly, it is time to define the cleaning rules. The first one is classic: the one who used a certain common space is responsible for cleaning it up. All the domestic tasks need to be properly followed to avoid disappointments between flat mates.

The same needs to be done when the subject is billing. All the students need to pay full attention to this topic, preventing disagreements. With this in mind, thebills need to be visible at all times. Another option is to share sheets and documents online to control the payments and attach the receipts.

In order to be in a good environment within a student residence, education and respect are vital aspects. It is not a bad idea to greet colleagues with a simple “good morning” and “good night”, right? Interacting and getting to know the ones who share the same space help building a harmonic community. This way, kindness, respect, flexibility, balance, good sense of humor and good judgement are some of the main ingredients to make this experience a remarkable one!


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