It’s not just a house,
it’s a home.

Share Student Living was founded in order to bring purpose-built, well-located, and highly amenitized student housing to Brazil. While living and studying abroad, the founders of Share Student Living found that students have access to student communities with premium amenities and events that helped to create life-long relationships and experiences.

As part of the Mitre Group, Share Student Living benefits from the real estate development of Mitre Realty, a high-rise developer with more than 57 years of experience. A partnership was created with Redstone Residential, an owner and operator of student housing properties in various states of the USA and Canada, which has helped bring best practices in the industry to Brazil.


Share seeks to achieve a high level of satisfaction among residents, parents and staff. We believe this to be the best way to reach high occupancy rates and to guarantee the best environment in our buildings. Share is responsible for the planning and marketing strategy of each project, and the leasing of beds. The company selects and trains the staff and is responsible for the management software and the project website, among other activities.


As part of Mitre Group, Share benefits from the expertise of a company with more than 57 years in the real estate business. Therefore, it has all the needed tools to develop the best residential projects for students. The activities of Share range from the origination of opportunities to the development of the property.

Be part of the guys Share.

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